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Voucher Processing

Voucher Processing—We have been processing vouchers since 1988.  Initially we began this service on software hosted on our server.  That service still exists but we have expanded our service to include processing vouchers on your systems.  These are the systems we use most often:

  1. OneSite

  2. Yardi Voyager

  3. Resman

We work with contract administrators from over 20 states and are currently submitting vouchers for about 240 properties (19,000+ units) totaling over $13,000,000 per month.

We work with your staff to be sure the voucher is properly submitted.  We review the voucher before it is submitted and work with the property if there are errors.  For example, we have found:

  1. A property creates an IR with a date not on the first of the month.  We will work with the property to fix the IR before submitting the HAP.

  2. A property creates a TR—we review all TRs to be sure they appear to be correct.

  3. A property approves a voucher to be submitted without completing the past-due annuals--We will work with your compliance department to be sure they are aware of the problem and get their approval before preparing the HAP.

  4. A property creates a retroactive certification that returns funds to HUD and there is no repayment agreement.  We will work with the property to prepare that Repayment Agreement ($25 per agreement).

Voucher Processing COST:  Using your software, $1.25 per month per unit.  Minimum costs apply.

Don't have software, don't worry.  We have a relationship with Resman that offers the support your need.

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