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Special Claims

Special Claims—We have a team that specializes in Special Claims.  They are working with over 20 contract administrators across the country to file Special Claims on behalf of the property. 


Special Claims is a HUD program that reimburses property-owners for unexpected costs related to vacancies, unpaid rent, and damages.


We send a monthly email to your staff that includes claim sheets  that show potential claims.  We  collect the documents from your staff to submit a claim and enter the claim in your software. 

Services include:

  1. Collecting (from your software) all move-outs, move-ins, and unit transfers.

  2. Sending a report each month showing what move-outs are still eligible for filing a Special Claim and providing a form that simplifies the process

  3. Working with the property staff to be sure they are submitting documents

  4. Submitting the Claim with the Contract Administrator

  5. Filing any appeals on claims that are rejected

  6. Posting the approved amount in your software.

Fee:  20% of successfully paid claim

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