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EIV Master Binder Services

EIV Master Binder Services:   We will help you ensure that your properties are properly maintaining their Master Binders.  All files are kept on NIST Compliant servers* (NIST compliance is what HUD requires).  We offer two levels of service:

  1. Basic Service:  Your property manager runs the report(s), send them to us and we keep them on a secure electronic file cabinet.  We provide the back-up both to be sure your managers are properly resolving the issues identified AND we maintain a copy of each report so that in the event the reports are not being properly maintained at the site, you always have access to these reports electronically.

  2. Expanded Service:  We will run your reports for you, work with the property to make sure all issues are properly resolved and documented and file the report on a secure server that is available to download for printing a hard copy at your property.  The electronic copy is available during your MOR.  HUD allows electronic storing of this data.  During a HUD review, a username is given to the auditor to review the electronic Master Binder.



*“EIV data stored electronically must be in a restricted access directory or, if placed on portable media, labeled appropriately and encrypted using a NIST compliant vendor.”   [HUD Multifamily Occupancy Handbook, 9-42. Version 8/13]

Basic Service:  $.75 per unit per month;   Expanded Service:  $1.50 per unit per month

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