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Available Services

Voucher Processing

We are best known for our voucher processing services that we have been doing since 1988. We will manage the voucher processing on your software or host your voucher processing needs on our server. 



MOR Response

Need help responding to your MOR?  We have written many MOR responses with outstanding results.


Cost:  $75 per hour.  Minimum charges apply. 

EIV Services

Do you have an EIV Discrepancy on your EIV report you don’t know how to resolve?

File Review and Repair

We will come to your property, review all of your files, make corrections, meet with tenants, and organize tenant files so that you are ready for your MOR.

Special Claims

Let us help you with your HUD Special Claims requests, including vacancy claims, unpaid rent claims, and damages claims.

Having trouble keeping your Master Binder in Compliance?


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