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File Review and/or Repair

What condition are your tenant-files in?  As the US adjusts to a post-COVID environment and off-site staff are again doing on-site visits, owners and managing agents are finding that the file maintenance during the COVID-lockdown may not have been kept in compliance.  Perhaps you have found that for other reasons (staffing turnover) you suspect your files may not meet an MOR review.  Maybe, you are just wondering what condition your files are in. 

We offer four levels of service:

  1. Cursory file review (we may work with a companion company for this service).

  2. Full File Audit reviewing required documents related to supporting the 50059s created during the past 12 months (these are the files normally reviewed during an MOR)

  3. Comprehensive file review that includes making sure all the required documents that are reviewed during an MOR are in the file.

  4. Complete file reorganization—your files just need to be purged and re-organized, we have staff that will complete that task.

COST:  Per Hour fee plus travel costs.  Minimum costs apply.

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